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DeLeon Chiropractic Center, Inc. Patient Testimonials

I started at Eastside spine and injury in early January with major back issues I've been dealing with for over a year (well for years, but the worst the last year). I had been in physical therapy for a long time before that and got to a point where i stopped improving. I just finished a 12 week program with Dr. Coogan and I'm feeling and functioning so much better. It's not like I've had a miracle healing, but can most definitely feel a difference. I'm almost feeling good enough to go back to playing indoor soccer (my goal). I'd definitely recommend giving dr. Coogan a try if you are experiencing back pain or even just need some maintenance. And I forgot to add that Megan is a great massage therapist too!

Amber S.

Written Testimonials Beverly Hills

I was really hesitant to schedule a consultation, and tried everything to “treat” myself prior to doing so. I thought, “ well.. back pain is just a normal part of life, right?”

I am so happy that I made the decision to have that first consult with Dr. Coogan. I have been getting treatment for about a month now and am already feeling so much better than when I went in. Most importantly, it has really improved my quality life!

Dr. Coogan and his staff are amazing and really care about your well-being. I always feel welcomed and actually enjoy my time there. Dr. Coogan is thorough, and I trust him. If you are considering getting treatment with Dr. Coogan, do it! My energy has also improved, which is something I didn’t anticipate, but I’ll take it! It’s amazing how draining it is to be in pain, and how much extra energy you have to exert on the little things, like putting on pants!

Thanks you guys! I appreciate you all!

Alicia Gonzalez r

DeLeon Chiropractic Center, Inc. Patient Testimonials

I sustained extensive injuries where I could barely even walk through the front door unassisted on day one. I was pedestrian who hit by a speeding drunk driver. Not even sure how I survived. Some doctors said I had low chances to run again or do most of the things I used to enjoy. My rehabilitation consisted of traction, alignments, and the unrivaled massage therapy. These guys did an excellent job getting me back to being able to live a "normal" active life. Their knowledge, ability, professionalism and caring approach is unmatched. Would only recommend Eastside Spine. And I highly recommend regular maintenance, it will keep you happy and active!

Jason V.

Written Testimonials Beverly Hills

I’ve suffered from a pretty bad neck and back for a long time.😫Last year I was in TWO car wrecks {Not my fault} and it made matters worse.📆I’ve been going to Dr. Coogan since April and I definitely recommend him. It was certainly difficult realigning my body but I am very please to see the progress we’ve made.☺️My neck is officially curved and almost straight.😱It’s really wild to see the change.

Caitlin H.

DeLeon Chiropractic Center, Inc. Patient Testimonials

I moved out of town I now truly appreciate Dr. Coogan, Jewels, Megan and the whole staff. Having been treated here first they set the bar extremely high and made it difficult for me to find a chiropractor that can compare where I am now. Dr. Coogan's is knowledgeable and professional. He explains things in a way that makes sense and didn't pressure me into anything I wasn't comfortable with. It's always a pleasure to see Jewels smiling face and Megan is "hands down" the best massage therapist I've been treated by. The atmosphere is clean, new and trendy like Starbucks for backs.

Basically they know their stuff and they're super cool people. I would absolutely recommend stopping in.

Richard C.

Written Testimonials Beverly Hills

Recently moved to the area and needed to find a chiropractor. Was referred to Dr. Coogan at Eastside Spine & Injury by a friend and have been happy with everyone in the office! From the moment you walk in, you're greeted with smiles and warmth. Dr. Coogan and Dr. Austin are both very knowledgeable and I am glad I found such great care for my back.

Em M.

DeLeon Chiropractic Center, Inc. Patient Testimonials

My review is for Megan Adrian, she is the BEST massage therapist I've ever met. I've been seeing her on and off for the past 6 years and after a car accident last year, I was glad to have her. Her care combined with my chiropractor was just fantastic. She knows exactly where to find the problem zones and is always adjusting her massage to my needs. Every appoinment does wonders on my back and neck and I'm still going monthly just to ensure my body is happy. She is very caring, personable and sweet, which makes my appointments even better. I've been to others in the past, but nothing compares to her.

Jesena M.

Written Testimonials Beverly Hills

I love getting massages there and a nice quick adjustment was nice and fast as well. The staff was friendly and accommodating to my crazy schedule. They always offered me water. If you like a nice deep tissue massage, go see Megan. Sidney is also great as well. I would totally recommend this chiropractor. Thanks guys and keep up the good work!

noy s.

DeLeon Chiropractic Center, Inc. Patient Testimonials

I got into an accident in May and went to a chiropractor for treatment. I didn't feel like I was getting much relief so I switched to Eastside Spine and Injury. Dr. Coogan took the time to go over my injuries and took an x-ray which the other chiropractor didn't do and carefully adjusted me and got me on a treatment plan consisting of tractions. After about 3 months of treatment, I felt better and my headaches have disappeared. His staff is super friendly. Also the massage treatment I received from Sydney is the BEST hands down! Her technique puts me at ease.

Nana S.

Written Testimonials Beverly Hills

I have been going to Eastside Spine & Injury for a few months due to spinal alignment issues that have been causing back pain. Since I started my chiropractic care plan I've had much relief and learned some great exercises to continue my strengthening. Dr Coogan and his staff are absolutely wonderful! Since my first time in the office they've treated me like family and I see they treat all their patients the same way. The office is very welcoming and in a great location. I highly recommend Eastside Spine & Injury

Heidi F.

DeLeon Chiropractic Center, Inc. Patient Testimonials

Dr. Coogan and the entire staff are awesome! Throughout my program, the office as a whole managed to help make my recovery an easier experience. I would recommend Eastside Spine & Injury to any of my Family or Friends in need of recovery or maintenance!

Brandi J.

Written Testimonials Beverly Hills

This team is awesome. Dr Coogan and his team are very knowledgeable, helpful, and they develop a great plan for each patient. Megan is an incredible massage therapist. She is a hard worker, she genuinely cares that her patients feel better when they leave. I would recommend this office to anyone for maintenance or problem area needs.

Sean H.

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